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The Billionaire Pledge: Gates and Buffet Urge Ultrarich to Give Away 50% or More.

Cameron Campbell June 16, 2010


Bill Gates and Warren Buffet recently launched Giving Pledge, a pledge to get the wealthiest billionaires to give 50% of their net worth to philanthropic causes.

Giving Pledge started after a series of secret meetings featuring some of the wealthiest people in the world, the last meeting a month ago included David Rockerfeller, who played host, Ted Turner, Eli and Edyth Broad and Oprah Winfrey. While large scale philanthropy is an important way of giving back, it is not an efficient method for transforming the capitalist system. It is not social entrepreneurship. The social and economic impact of traditional philanthropic donations are limited unless there are mechanisms to ensure that they are leveraging the highest social impact. We need to find new ways of bringing together money and meaning.
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SOCAP10’s Tactical Philanthropy Track introduces a new type of philanthropy that focuses on addressing the biggest social and economic problems.
Tactical Philanthropy, a term coined by Sean Stannard Stockton, who is the founder of the company Tactical Philanthropy, cultivating a new breed of Tactical Philanthropists. Tactical Philanthropy advises philanthropists on how to choose a portfolio of organizations that tackles large scale social and economic problems, to maximize social impact. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is attending SOCAP10 to speak about its Program Related Investments and to talk about What’s Next in Tactical Philanthropy.
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