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Grassroots Business Funds Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary

Rishi Malhotra July 27, 2010

screen-shot-2010-07-27-at-64641-pmOur partners over at Next Billion did a write up on one of the organizations coming to SOCAP10, the Grassroots Business Fund, which recently celebrated two year anniversary. GBF is a social investment fund that funds to high impact social enterprises.
It became an independent non-profit in 2008 but it was built upon 4 years of experience being the International Finance Corporation’s (part of the World Bank) Grassroots Business Initiative. Indeed, the GBI’s clients created 100,000 jobs and provided basic services to 1.4 million people in the BOP.
Over the last two years, GBF has disbursed $8 million in 10 different countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia while reaching almost 500,000 people directly. It has contributed much to metrics and evaluation by measuring the Social Return on Investment of those that receive its funds as well being a major funder of the Global Impact Investing Rating System, which sets standards for social and environmental impact.
Over the last two years GBF has set up operating guidelines for its investees and increasing its on the ground presence in places like Nairobi, New Delhi, Accra, and Bangkok and is expected to thrive in the years to come. Come see Harold Rosen, the Executive Director of the Grassroots Business Fund speak at SOCAP10 at the Impact Investing Panel!
Click on the picture for the article or here.

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