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The Slow Food Movement

Rishi Malhotra July 7, 2010

A recent phenomenon has spread across the fast food industry — that of new eco-friendly fast food restaurants that integrate green practices and are challenging what it means to be sustainable within the fast food community. It is called ‘Slow Food’.
The Slow Food Movement started in 1986 as a protest against McDonalds. It encourages good, healthy food by increasing diversity in the food supply, spreading education, and connecting growers to each other through events and campaigns.
As a result, traditional fast food restaurants have had to figure out how to be more sustainable. A few companies like McDonalds and Chipotle have moved forward in this but the vast majority of their food is still not very sustainable or healthy.
Therefore, eco-fast food chains are starting to emerge. Examples of this include Amanda’s, Elevation Burgers, and Otarian. They are able to start out with the mission of sustainability and social impact and make it part of their core business model. See the future of this new food movement at SOCAP10.
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