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What's Next Clubhouse for Social Ent. Scholarship Recipients at SOCAP10!

SOCAP Global August 26, 2010

socap10_squareSOCAP10 is providing a special What’s Next Clubhouse, and some private sessions for the social entrepreneurs who received scholarships.

The What’s Next Clubhouse is:

A room with comfortable seats, and a cozy personal atmosphere. A place where social entrepreneurs can make a good impression and create lasting partnerships with each other and investors. A space to tell your story and get investors to become part of it. An opportunity to talk about why this, what solution and why you? A lounge where you can brainstorm, chill and figure out What’s Next!

Members of the club will be able to join these innovative private sessions:

1. A free 1 hour Structure Lab by Criterion Ventures. Structure Lab is a way, “to evaluate the myriad of structural options and a means to strategically move your venture forward” such as deciding whether to be non-profit or for profit. Check it out here:

2. A pitch development session with Daniel Epstein* from Unreasonable Institute and a boot-strap session with Martin Montero.

*Originally published post listed Teju Ravilochan who will not be able to attend SOCAP10.

3. A session with Kevin Jones of Good Capital in which he will ask social entrepreneurs to tell him their founder’s story.

Your first step in being part of the club is to contribute to the community site. Register here! Please write a once sentence pitch about who you are and what you do including your region and sector and post it as a discussion on the community site.

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