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What’s Next Interview with Deborah Hirsh: The Hoop Connects Consumers and Producers

SOCAP Global September 27, 2010

As part of Triple Pundit‘s partnership with the Social Capital Markets Conference 2010, blogger Amie Vaccaro is featuring a series of interviews with key conference participants. Don’t forget to get your 30% discount by using the code “3P30″ when you register!

Deborah Hirsh recently co-founded The Hoop Fund, an exciting new start-up which connect producers and consumers to make loans to build business capacity in fair trade. Kind of like Kiva curated for fair trade consumer products.

Watch to my interview with Deborah to learn:

About the impetus behind The Hoop Fund and how it provides access to affordable credit for fair trade producers
How the social change movement is shifting towards leveraging business rather than expecting government and non-profits to handle all challenges
How the impact investment community is pushing social enterprise forward
Why this is the most exciting time in social enterprise

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