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A Quick Chat with Nick Ellis, CEO of Job Rooster

Cameron Campbell October 1, 2010


Cameron Campbell had an email conversation with Nick Ellis, CEO of Job Rooster He’s part of the Mobile Tech track and is speaking on the panel, Behavior Change: The Power of Mobile to Transform Our Actions
. Here’s what he said: 

1. What is Job Rooster?

Job Rooster a career service that helps you connect to jobs on your
mobile phone. Anyone can access it for free, and it does everything
from alert you to local job opportunities you weren’t aware of, to
help you figure out how to get better prepared for job you want, to
helping you stay in touch with employers and organizations. It’s the
entry point for the worldwide workforce (WWW).

nicke 2. Why is Nick Ellis and Job Rooster coming to SOCAP10?

Because we believe in social entrepreneurship as the most powerful
market force to create lasting change, and want to encourage others to
tackle big problems.

 3. What is unique and innovative about Job Rooster’s approach?

Job Rooster is a base of the pyramid (BoP) play in the workforce
domain. We’re innovative in three ways: (1) our service is more
affordable and accessible than competing online, resume-based
solutions, (2) the service provides real-time transparency into local
labor market dynamics that existing platforms can’t capture, and (3)
we’re “not just for profit” — our mission drives our business, and
our profits are a result of realizing that mission.

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