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President Clinton recognizes Sproxil achievement

Megan McFadden October 5, 2010

Sproxil, which provides comprehensive anti-counterfeiting strategies for cash-based societies, recently announced its Commitment to Action, ‘Preventing the Diversion of Medical and Food Donations,’ at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Sproxil’s approach focuses on bringing partners together to create additional value. The company intends to work with donor agencies that have already implemented supply-chain based relief programs and are experiencing challenges due to diversion. President Clinton commented that Sproxil’s solution is a genuinely remarkable achievement…(it’s) empowering…putting people in charge of their own healthcare.’ Sproxil’s initial focus, which aims to positively affect the lives of one million people, will be on programs that deliver medical and food relief. Using its expertise in participatory product tracking, where consumers can use any cell phone to send a free text message with a code found on a product and get a response indicating whether the product has been diverted or not, the company intends to expand its work with its new anti-diversion commitment in countries with large donation schemes such as India, Nigeria and South Africa. The company has already successfully implemented a similar system for anti-counterfeiting nationwide in Nigeria. ‘Beginning in 2011, Sproxil will leverage its mobile phone technology to empower patients and beneficiaries to verify that they obtained genuine medication and give donors better tools for remote monitoring and evaluation,’ said Dr. Ashifi Gogo, CEO of Sproxil, Inc. ‘Our goal is to have products like Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) bear simple tags that end-users can use to confirm receipt of a donation with a basic cell phone, providing donors with a record that their relief efforts are bringing benefits to the right groups, not being funneled into accounts controlled by corrupt elements or criminals.’ Learn more at http://sproxil.com/cgi2010.php.

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