Announcing the SOCAP24 Agenda — Going Deeper: Catalyzing Systems Change!

REDF's Social Return on Investment Returns!

SOCAP Global October 4, 2010

REDF and Application Experts (APP-X) announce the start of their joint project to develop an integrated, cloud-based system for capturing and analyzing Social Return on Investment information. REDF will pilot the system within its portfolio in 2011, creating the groundwork for future development of a system that can be used widely throughout the social sector, integrates information from existing financial and performance data tracking systems, and ensures that data and results are reliable and replicable. SROI Act II Development Timetable – October 2010: SROI Act II Project launch, 2011: Pilot SROI Act II within REDF portfolio, 2012 and beyond: Develop SROI Act II for broad application. For the first time ever, organizations will be able to seamlessly use their own data systems to calculate SROI. REDF = Social Return on Investment pioneer, employment-focused social enterprise and venture philanthropy innovator, author of SROI Act II: A Call to Action for Next Generation SROI. APP-X = Pulse Manager & partner, the exclusive technology partner for Pulse*, a software tool for managing a portfolio of impact investments, originally built by The Acumen Fund, Google and others now available on the platform. *REDF believes the adoption and evolution of Pulse and IRIS Impact Reporting & Investment Standards will help to build the quality and visibility of social sector work.

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