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Second Version of Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) Released

Megan McFadden October 6, 2010

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) released the second version of the Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS), which incorporates significant enhancements to the original IRIS social and environmental reporting framework first released in July 2009. IRIS provides a common set of social and environmental metrics and definitions for reporting the performance of impact investments. The IRIS 2.0 enhancements integrate critical feedback from industry experts, funds piloting the original IRIS reporting standards, and other stakeholders who were engaged during a public comment period. These revisions make the IRIS reporting framework more relevant and accessible for the diverse businesses and funds that receive impact investment capital. This release coincides with the launch of a new IRIS website (http://iris.thegiin.org) which makes it easier for companies and funds to identify specific IRIS performance indicators that pertain to their social and environmental goals. The new website also provides guidance to investors interested in adopting IRIS as a performance tracking tool across investment portfolios. In addition to oversight of the reporting standards, the IRIS initiative includes the development and management of an IRIS data repository, which is a hub for IRIS-aligned performance data from organizations receiving impact investment capital. The IRIS data repository enables benchmarking and other aggregate analyses critical to the growth of the impact investing industry.To read the full press release, visit www.thegiin.org. To learn more about the IRIS initiative and to search the performance metrics, visit http://iris.thegiin.org.

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