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Schwab Foundation Launches Social Investment Manual

SOCAP June 5, 2011

During SOCAP/Europe in Amsterdam, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship taskforce launched its Social Investment Manual. This manual provides social entrepreneurs a comprehensive yet easy to use guidebook on how to develop successful relationships with social investors. The guidebook presents an overview of the social investment landscape, offers concrete approaches to finding and approaching the right investors for social enterprises, as well as the best practices for having a successful due diligence process and for negotiating a mutually beneficial long-term social investment arrangement.
The manual, which was created with the research support of the Chair for Entrepreneurial Finance at Technical University of Munich (TUM) and with the support of a taskforce led by Andreas Heinecke, Schwab Social Entrepreneur and founder of Dialogue Social Enterprise, provides a valuable first step for many social enterprises to develop the informational know-how to position themselves best and to leverage opportunities for social investment that can increase the scale, scope and impact of their organizations.
The task force welcomes your comments to keep building this manual as a useful resource for social entrepreneurs. Please contact us to share your input (info@schwabfound.org).

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