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Special SOCAP Edition of MIT Journal

Kevin Jones July 27, 2011

More than a dozen leading doers and thought leaders in the social capital market are collaborating to produce a special SOCAP11 Impact Investing edition of MIT’s Innovations Journal. The “Social Capital Market Manifesto 2.0”  I wrote is one of the stories. A highlight of the issue is the first chapter of Antony Bugg-Levine and Jed Emerson’s foundational new book, Impact Investing. That book will also launch at SOCAP, with 400 copies given away by ImpactAssets and special online promotions by BetterWorldBooks.
Other articles include:
* “Mission – Margin – Mandate: The Many Paths To Scale Among Impact Investees” by Brian Trelstad and Rob Katz, Acumen Fund
* “Taking a Realistic Approach to Impact Investing: (Observations from the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation)” by Mirjam Schöning of the Schwab Foundation
* Case studies on four social enterprises including ones on Husk Power by Manoj Sinha, and on Envirofit International by Tim Bauer
* An article on investor perspective is being written by Simon Desjardins and Chris West of the Shell Foundation
Christine Eibs-Singer, CEO of E+CO is writing on  “Impact Investing in Energy Enterprises: A Three Act Play,” while Grassroots Business Fund and its spin off from the IFC is being written by Jaime Ramirez.
Analysis pieces are being written by Schöning, who is abstracting highlights from Schwab’s impact investing manual for entrepreneurs.
Amit Bouri of GIIN is writing an essay on KL Felicitas Foundation.
Ross Baird of First Light Ventures is writing on “Seed-Stage Investment and Support: The Gap to Growth in Impact Investing.”
Martin Fisher and Kevin Starr are writing on “Real Good Not Feel Good: A Brief Guide to High-Impact Philanthropy”.

The journal is the work of a team led by Phil Auerswald, a fellow at the Kauffman Foundation and former George Mason University professor. Auerswald is also writing a popular book on the coming prosperity that he thinks will be brought about by including the majority of the world’s population in the global economy for the benefit of people and planet.

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