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Currencies that make the value at SOCAP visible

SOCAP August 31, 2011

Why Conference Currents? Conference Currents tracks good ideas and fascinating people at conferences. SoCap’s Conference Currents makes visible and even amplifies flows of value in the social economy of the event.While a conference acts as a marketplace of ideas, deep value resides in the connections, idea development,insights, innovation, and projects you encounter. This value often disappears when we leave the event because we don’t make it more tangible then a stack of business cards that quickly lose their context. Conference Currents provides tracking and coherence for these “intangible” value streams, enabling you to maximize the real wealth of the conference experience.
How it works: Conference Currents brings attention to the ideas and innovators that attract attendees.It uses simple score-cards to track participants, their ideas, and ratings of those ideas based on innovation, impact,and feasibility. Each card placed in the online database accumulates to display real-time flows of reputation,participation, and ideas visible in the conference setting. People who get the best feedback and attract the most attention get an opportunity to showcase their ideas at the end of the event. These are the people we know you want to hear more from! Everyone using Conference Currents also gets a transcript of their connections and ratings whichare linked to Pathable profiles for easy follow up post-conference.
Play with us! Conference Currents launches during SOCAP Europe 2012. As a first step, we invite you to use our “great idea!” cards at SOCAP11 by making connections and sharing the cardswith the people whose ideas you find worthwhile. Play with Conference Currents and discover how fun and engaging currencies can track, measure, and enable the often hidden dimensions of social or intangible wealth. Experience how you can bring deeper value to a conference, an organization, or our larger economic systems.
Easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Fill out a Conference Currents entry card to record your connections, the ideas shared, and how much you liked them. Cards are uploaded throughout the conference and ratings are displayed on each attendees Pathable Profile.
2. Follow the Conference Currents Real-Time Tag Cloud, Tag Feed and the conference-wide activity stream on the “Happening Now” page. These pages provide real-time data of the ideas and people that are getting the most attention for innovation, feasibility, and impact at SoCap.3. At the end of the event, receive a transcript of all your connections and their ratings along with follow up information connected to attendee’s Pathable accounts.
Why use Conference Currents:
1. Make good ideas bubble to the surface and give attention the people sharing those ideas. See what other people find interesting.
2. Vote for people whose ideas you want to help highlight at the end of the conference.
3. Receive a transcript at the end of the SOCAP to make follow-up with your most inspiring connections a snap.
4. Help document the collective intelligence and innovative ideas of SoCap so that they can be a shared resource post-conference
>>> Learn more about Conference Currents here

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