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Faith-Based Curation at SOCAP11 by Criterion Ventures

SOCAP August 19, 2011
What happens when money meets meaning? This question, which has driven increasingly large and diverse groups of people to SOCAP conferences for the past three years has also, as many of you know, animated conversations in church basements and adult education classes for years.
At the last two SOCAPs, lively open space conversations have been held around questions of how faith informs and enlivens the paths that individuals and institutions choose in the Social Capital Markets. We know people of faith are in the middle of creating this market at the intersection of money and meaning. But they don’t always show up where the market is meeting, or if they do, they are often not easy to identify.
This year Criterion Ventures will partner with SOCAP to create a curated SOCAP process for individuals coming from a church background. Criterion has ten years of experience working with church and the social capital marketplace and has begun to form a broader community around its focused initiative, Church as an Economic Being. Criterion will act as a docent for a group of fellow travelers, bringing knowledge of the event and relationships with its leaders to provide an experience that facilitates community, perspective and time for reflection. If you are intrigued, want to join, or would like more information, contact Criterion at martinez@criterionventures.com.
P.S. additionally, there is a volunteer group working on curating a non profit view of SOCAP11. If you are interested in being part of that effort, contact info@socialcapitalmarkets.net.
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