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SOCAP11 Breakfast Session – A New Investment Framework: Challenging Current Portfolio Theory and Practice

SOCAP August 25, 2011

At this special session, Don Shaffer and Leslie Christian will present ‘A New Foundation for Portfolio Management’, which questions many of the assumptions that current investment practice takes for granted.  In a provocative paper, to be distributed at the event, Don and Leslie will assert the need to expand our fundamental understanding of risk, growth, and utility to meet the investment challenges of the 21st century. Driven by prudence and a spirit of inquiry, not ideology, they intend to kick off a lively discussion on these newly proposed principles.
Who Should Attend?
1) Investors who have a deep desire to radically rethink their investment portfolios based on prudent foundational principles;
2)  Investment professionals who see the inadequacies of Modern Portfolio Theory,  particularly in the context of current market realities, and who are ready to propose practical changes to the portfolios they manage or advise; and
3)Academics who can use and expand these foundational principles to  build and evaluate forward-thinking, fact-based investment frameworks.
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