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SOCAP11 Panelist Spotlight: James Hanusa, Stakeholder Forum/UN Rio+20 Earth Summit

SOCAP August 29, 2011

What is your role in the Social Capital Market?
My role in the Social Capital Market is activating opportunity for collective impact locally and globally. In San Francisco my focus is on the revitalization of the Central Market Street District. At the UN Earth Summit I intend to bring together social entrepreneurs, institutional impact investors, cities, NGOs, corporations and social media companies to show what is possible in the Green Economy with a focus on poverty eradication.
What dream business idea do you have that could change the way we collaboratively work/consume/act in our daily lives?
My current dream project is to develop innovation districts around the country and world. These creative clusters would include partners that put the tools of creation in the hands of everyday people. Leading to a producer/consumer (prosumer) class. It would likely include partners like Techshop and Hub. I would like to engage larger spaces such as warehouses for scale local manufacturing. These zones would also be pilot zones for the sharing economy as covered by to lower the cost of living of it’s residents.
What does Money + Meaning = to you? What should the social capital market stand for?
Money + Meaning equals impact investing to me. I believe the social capital market should stand for setting new forms of measurement on progress that goes beyond triple bottom line of tracking progress by financial, social and environmental indicators. I think it should also be about action and developing showcases that others can see in the world and emulate. I think it should increasingly look like a movement vs. a series of events.

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