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SOCAP11 Panelist Spotlight: Jeffrey Hollender, CommonWise, co-founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation

SOCAP August 25, 2011

What is your role in the Social Capital Market?
To leverage my skills as an entrepreneur to help grow and finance social enterprises in the United States.
What is the most inspiring example of a social entrepreneur or enterprise utilizing the power of design?
The Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland are most inspiring for their systemic, holistic design that combines building community wealth, worker cooperatives, and sustainability and leverages anchor institutions.
What dream business idea do you have that could change the way we collaboratively work/consume/act in our daily lives?
CommonWise is a new business idea that leverages large-scale local, regional and national cooperative purchasing to lower the costs for all types of social enterprises and cooperative businesses, enabling them to more cost-effectively compete with traditional business.
What does Money + Meaning = to you? What should the social capital market stand for?
It should stand for the creation of a marketplace that builds and supports businesses that combine sustainability with justice and equity for all at a scale that begins to rapidly crowd out our traditional “winner takes all” economy.

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