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SOCAP11 Social Entrepreneur Spotlight: Amy Cagle, DayOne Response Inc. (Haiti)

SOCAP August 29, 2011

“The Three P’s That Impact Social Entrepreneurship”
The American Red Cross says: “Providing clean drinking water is our #1 challenge in disaster zones”. Relief organizations need a system that provides safe drinking water when transport capacity is limited. DayOne Response, Inc. develops products that help relief workers be more effective and helps disaster survivors maintain their dignity and independence on day one following a disaster. Protecting survivors of disasters from waterborne disease is essential for recovery. The DayOne Waterbag enables relief organizations to provide decentralized water supply to more people, more rapidly, and with fewer personnel. At DayOne Response Inc. passion, progress, and people help drive the philosophy behind the company.
It is so important to have that fire inside of you. This fire is the key to effective social entrepreneurship. You know, that little entrepreneurial “bug” that you can’t really explain?  After talking to someone for a couple minutes it is usually pretty easy to tell if they really believe in what they are doing.
Here are some tips we have learned to keep that fire burning!

  • Ask why?
  • Challenge assumptions.
  • Know it is ok to change the rules.
  • Believe in your vision and in yourself.
  • You care about what you are doing, so show it!
  • Be a little crazy. You have to be willing to take risks!

What progress did we make today? We think it’s important for the success of DayOne Response Inc. and it’s mission to ask ourselves this question every day. This is crucial for making strides in your business. Every action should be making real impact and driving the company forward. After all you could work a 16 hour day with zero results. Do things that make an impact! We can’t stress this enough – every single thing you do should be moving the needle.
Here are some tips to ensure you are moving forward!

  • Make aggressive goals.
  • Map out a plan but be open to change.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Keep your priorities straight.
  • Be aligned with your business partners.
  • Work smart.

Six years ago, following the SE Asian Tsunami, 140,000 people were killed. Of those 85,000 died of waterborne diseases. At DayOne Response, Inc., we have developed a solution to this problem. From the first day of a disaster, we want to treat water in order to save lives. Every year over 255 million around the world are affected by disasters (CRED 2007). Recent headlines have included 20 million Pakistanis displaced by flooding in July 2010 (Oxfam 2010) and 100,000 Haitians have suffered from cholera (Haiti’s MoPH, 2010), and 450,000 still need drinking water (Oxfam 2010).  People are at the core of the company from helping the large amounts of disaster survivors to making sure relief organizations are better equip, they truly care.
Here are some “people” tips!

  • Be authentic.
  • Fill a need.
  • Listen and learn.

Ask yourself what is my true passion? What progress did I make today? And how have I positively impacted people?

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