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Erin Little, Path to Plant Part II

SOCAP Guest Writer September 3, 2011

I am from Kansas City. We are very serious barbeque people. If you have ever visited “The City”, you are familiar with Gates Bar- B- Q. Gates is known for their signature line, as you enter the restaurant the staff yells, “Hi, how may I help you?”
Gates has built their reputation solely by asking what they can give, not receive. KC as a whole embodies this reputation—and has had great leaders emerge as a result. Former resident Harry Truman, had a sign on his desk stating “The Bucks Stops Here”.  Takers don’t say things like that. Takers think of themselves. Givers think of others, their customers, and building relationships around that sense of shared value.
Although I live in Chicago now, the KC legacy lives on. Desiree Vargas, another KC transplant who founded Give Forward, speaks regularly about how her idea really grew after she looked at how she could serve individuals who previously did fundraising through donation jars at gas stations. The point is, if you ask what you can do for others, the innovation follows.
SOCAP will be really exciting for me to volunteer at, because I get to help. It is my element. I get to bring Gates BBQ mentality to those interested in social good, and those looking to serve our communities better.
“Hi, I’m Erin Little, how may I help you?”
Stay tuned for Path to Plant Part III…..

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