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fuseproject receives INDEX: Award for See Better to Learn Better

SOCAP September 6, 2011

Yves Behar, founder of fuseproject, will be speaking at the Design for Social Innovation Track.
We are honored to receive the INDEX:Award for See Better to Learn Better today. Since the launch of the program, 358,000 kids have received a free pair of eyeglasses in Mexico. By choosing their own color combinations, shapes and sizes, the kids are co-designing their future. The INDEX cash prize will allow fuseproject to continue to support our partners, non-profit Verbien and champion manufacturer Augen of Mexico, as well as take the program to new places: from San Francisco to remote islands in Indonesia.
INDEX gave us love 4 years ago when the One Laptop Per Child was awarded the prestigious prize, and 3 million children have used the laptop since. As the first team to receive the award twice, we say thank you thank you.

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