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SOCAP September 21, 2011

Are you curious about social finance or are you forging ahead with its growth in Canada? Are you dedicated to the idea of bringing about change through social innovation? If so, then you will want to spend time with us on You can join this community of practice by contributing as a Writer, posting an upcoming event relevant to the field of social finance or impact investing, or add your paper or article to our knowledge database.
The vision of is a world in which the innovations and resources of finance are harnessed to produce positive social, environmental, and commercial advancements. Our mission is to catalyze and sustain a robust social finance marketplace in Canada, and currently acts as the leading hub of information and knowledge-sharing in the space. has four objectives:

  • Support the community of people and organizations helping to make Canada a global leader in social finance;
  • Promote learning through sharing of best practices, success stories, and challenges;
  • Provide information and analysis on the key issues related to social finance in Canada and internationally; and
  • Engage investors, entrepreneurs, and enablers in open discussion.

This year we launched Your Guide to Social Finance. Your Guide is the first of its kind to provide you with the what, why, who and most importantly the how of social finance in Canada. The Guide is packed with examples of social finance at work, highlighting Canadian examples of social finance in action. You can also check out the Meet the Investors video series, and learn what it takes to build the market in Canada. is also proud to serve as the online repository for information and discussions about the Task Force for Social Finance. The Task Force on Social Finance (TFSF) was assembled in 2010, seeking to fundamentally alter the way we think about investing and philanthropy in Canada. The TFSF mandate was to deliver recommendations to ignite the development of an investment marketplace dedicated to addressing Canada’s social and environmental challenges. The team’s efforts culminated in the Task Force for Social Finance Report, which outlines seven actions that Canada needs to undertake, in parallel, to mobilize new sources of capital, create an enabling tax and regulator environment, and build a pipeline of investment-ready social enterprises. is a program of Social Innovation Generation @ MaRS, Toronto, ON. The platform is supported by a leadership team composed of Joanna Reynolds, Adam Jagelewski, and co-founder Karim Harji, with excellent support from our Editor Nabeel Ahmed. is supported in part by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Social Capital Partners and Social Innovation Generation.
As SoCap11 media partner, published four posts on Social Capital Markets 2011, listed below. Do take a look at the Day 1 report and the reflections:


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