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More than Green, A Conservation Economy

SOCAP Guest Writer September 21, 2011

* Guest post by SOCAP11 panelist Martha Ruiz Corzo
I would like to see the innovation that really changes the way we do business, not just bartering services and products.  I hope to connect conservation of the Natural Capital to the fair compensations to those extreme poverty owners that possess the natural infrastructure of the planet.  Let´s see if we are capable of seeing beyond the money to what is real and preserve the quality of life on the planet. Otherwise extreme climate events will become the norm and we will be disinheriting a vast population in total poverty.
No one is not unaware of this debacle to our ecosystems, therefore the urgent priorities of business plans and models shouldn´t only be “green” but also donate to the conservation of the natural capital of the planet. Let’s put a new currency into play, not just financial, but a new way to receive social  and environmental returns and where  extreme poverty communities participate in the new market and they are included in a world economy designed to multiply their needs despite the finite nature of the planet.
The intangible returns of solidarity with the most needy, the pride of inheriting a functioning planet to our children and feeling the comfort that if you die tomorrow , your heart is alleviated of the heavy burden that we should all try to eliminate, specifically our debt of impact on the largest living organism in the solar system known as Earth.  For shame or for reconciliation, think about changing your relationship to her.
Before being considered real innovators you have to dare to break the old pots rather than cook new soups in old pots.  This stew of so much weath and poverty at once, where everything is based on exploitation and contamination of the only home we know and love. We must give ourselves the space to have new thoughts, values, emotions and commitments in the face of what what we most fear, an environmental catastrophe.

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