Announcing the SOCAP24 Agenda — Going Deeper: Catalyzing Systems Change!

SOCAP11 Social Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ujala Shanker, STITCHES (India)

SOCAP September 3, 2011

My Blog is on the topic- Why are you participating in SOCAP?
Participating in SOCAP will certainly play a critical role in shaping me as a social entrepreneur. It will not only expose me to many other social entrepreneurs doing an amazing job in their respective fields but will also help me showcase my work in front a global audience. In the past, I have been to a few international conferences and have realized how international connectivity and cross cultural communication helps during execution. SOCAP will also provide a great platform to share ideas and receive feedback. The conference will also provide an opportunity for building partnerships and raising funds. I am very optimistic about SOCAP and am certain that it will be a great, once in a life-time learning experience for me.

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