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SOCAP11's Environmental Footprint

SOCAP Global September 29, 2011

The San Francisco Conservation Corps reported that SOCAP11 at Fort Mason produced a resource recovery/landfill diversion rate of 96.19%, which means that only 3.81% of the event’s total 11,799.72 lbs of generated waste is headed to landfill. The remainder has been composted (10,500 lbs) or recycled (849.72 lbs).
Quote from SFCC:
“SOCAP is absolutely one of if not the greenest events that we do. It is impossible to come anywhere near these kinds of numbers if the event producers don’t take steps toward zero waste before the SFCC is even involved. It is obvious that the SOCAP folks have a real interest in putting on as green an event as possible which is extremely rare and a pleasure for us to be involved in.”

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