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Register for Slow Money's 3rd National Gathering October 12-14

SOCAP Global October 5, 2011

Slow Money’s third National Gathering will be taking place at Fort Mason on October 12-14. This is their third National Gathering and the first two have launched national activity that holds great promise for all of us who want to see our economy and food system transformed. At their last national gathering, $4 million was invested in 12 of the presenting small food enterprises. Since that time, another $5 million has flowed from 11 emerging chapters around the country to dozens of small food enterprises. The event is bringing together thought leaders from across the globe and the nation, along with many hundreds of investors, food entrepreneurs, farmers, activists, and just plain regular folks who are concerned about where their money goes and where their food comes from. Slow Money is offering the SOCAP community a 15% discount to attend the gathering. To register at this discounted rate please go to the following link: http://bit.ly/rdEymI

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