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STIMA Making Great Strides

SOCAP October 12, 2011
STIMA raised funds from two angel investors and is preparing for 3rd-generation programmable keys and chargers for our next deployment.  Upgrades also allow increasing control over the Agent’s key and address user feedback gained from the first units deployed.  As we advance our customer operations in Kenya and test new products, we are making progress towards closing an angel round to deploy the first 500-1000 units.
In September, Stima and several other companies formed a BoP Energy Alliance through GroAction .  Already members helped us connect with trusted suppliers in China who can share in the risks and rewards of STIMA’s growing roadmap.  Please check out GroAction for promising energy ventures who are helping each other tackle the needs of the poorest segments of the population.
This month, Stima’s country manager Kennedy Andika is speaking at Investment and Innovation in Microfinance in Nairobi on the 18th.
Finally, we are pleased to have John Vangel join the Stima team as the head of Corporate Development.  John brings more than 20 years legal, transactional and entrepreneurial experience to Stima and driving all aspects of legal for Stima.
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