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On what Impact Invest is…

Kevin Jones March 12, 2012

Impact investments are a response to investor demand; to a moral hunger for their money to do more than just make money. A desire for their money, their investable dollars, do some good. There is not enough philanthropic dollars to meet the challenges the world is facing. The market is the most efficient delivery vehicle of value. I want the market to deliver blended value; a mix of financial, social and environmental return, but also those things you would give to, that you would pay for and that you would invest your dollars and your hope in. The fact that an eight year old can walk two blocks, around a corner to get a Popsicle, walking by clean streams, whether she’s in the inner city or a suburb. The knowledge that your children have a chance at a better future. Impact investing is in service of blended value. It arose out of the demand created by a moral hunger for people’s money to do more than just make money.

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