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Support 'The Happiest Place' on Kickstarter

SOCAP Global September 18, 2012
Amy Benziger was a founding team member and Content Producer for SOCAP. Last October, she moved on from SOCAP after her fifth conference to pursue her interest in the media space. She jumped in headfirst onto a project producing a documentary in Bhutan titled “The Happiest Place.”
In this documentary, Amy explored the “intersection of money and meaning” in the context of the kingdom that rules by Gross National Happiness (GNH) rather than the measurement of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  This expedition and inquiry has been fully shot and is turning into a feature length film.  Grammy award winning musician Imogen Heap joined their journey and will be writing music for the film along with Zoe Keating. However, to complete the film, finishing funds and support are needed.

This is where you all can really help out.  We’re hoping to rally the SOCAP community behind Amy’s Kickstarter campaign to see this movie brought to life! Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowd funding platform which means each and every member of the crowd can contribute to make the film reach its goal and make it successful.

You can help the film by doing any or ALL of the following:
1. Go to the Kickstarter page and support the film as you can by donating at a variety of reward levels.
2. Share the Kickstarter link with your personal and professional communities via Facebook, Twitter, internal emails, etc.
3.  Follow the film on Facebook and Twiiter @

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