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SOCAP Global October 3, 2012

SOCAP is thrilled to be partnering for the first time with indiegogo, a leading crowdfunding platform. During the Impact Accelerator that preceded SOCAP, five of the Featured Entrepreneurs at SOCAP were voted by their peers to pitch on Day 1 of the conference. Each SOCAP attendee was given a wooden coin (worth $5) with which they could vote with their dollars for the entrepreneur of their choosing.
By Day 2 of the conference, SOCAP attendees are already taking their support to the next level! We’ve seen cash alongside coins in the voting jars, and indiegogo is incentivizing these additional donations with t-shirts and bags. Folks are also taking the opportunity to donate online–each project has a dedicated page on indiegogo’s site.
The entrepreneurs selected are a diverse, global group. If you’re into keeping score, we’ve got the Day 1 totals for you:

    1. $630 for Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup designed for developing markets
    2. $500 for The Kytabu Project, developing a low-cost tablet. Watch more about the project here.
    3. $310 for Liberation Chocolate, a Liberian-based chocolate company
    4. $220 for WHC, an innovative toilet system out of South Africa
    5. $160 for Sistema Biobolsa, a productive waste management system which generates renewable energy, compost, and improvements to the health of small and medium farmers.

If you’re at the conference, don’t forget to vote! Followers not at the conference can find each project and donate any amount online: simply go to indiegogo and type the name of the project into the search box.
Good luck to our entrepreneurs!

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