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A Volunteer Experience: Day One at SOCAP

SOCAP October 12, 2012

This blog post was written by a SOCAP12 Volunteer. SOCAP12 was possible with the help of 100+ volunteers!
The rare HOT weather in San Francisco only added to heat of the day today at Fort Mason! The first full day at SOCAP12 was full of excitement and energy. As a first timer to this conference, the passion, ideas, and people flowing around Fort Mason enthralled me. I met people young and old, American and international, throughout the day. Everyone I talked to had an exciting focus or an innovative idea that captivated me. I didn’t need my normal morning coffee to keep me energized! The best parts of my day at SOCAP12 were the launch of the HUBcreate space and the opening session that highlighted the five of the many entrepreneurs taking part in SOCAP12. The pitches and quick videos from these amazing entrepreneurs made me want to have five tokens, to help fund all of them! I don’t think my calling is as an investor, I would never be able to say no to any social enterprise start-up. Another amazing part of Day 1 at SOCAP12 was the HUB space that has literally taken over the entire Festival Pavilion. The green furniture and decorations make the space beautiful and calm, but still allow the creative juices to flow. Many people gathered here to chill, while others were there hard at work on their laptops or networking like crazy. I don’t doubt that many new business ideas or solutions were discovered today in the HUB space. In addition, the HUBcreate series launched in the early afternoon, and this is guaranteed to be an exciting forum for innovative ideas and making meaning matter! Can’t wait for Day 2 of SOCAP12!

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