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Oxford Impact Investing Program

SOCAP Global October 16, 2012

We’ve got exciting news!
Oxford’s Said Business School is introducing a new executive development programme to inform, inspire and equip professionals with practical insights about Impact Investing.
Impact Investing is growing as the mainstream investment sector recognises that as a strategy it delivers maximum social, environmental, and financial results.
Professionals across all industry sectors can mutually benefit from our new Impact Investing programme. It offers participants the opportunity to engage with Oxford faculty and peers from across the globe to debate and develop their understanding of Impact Investing policy, strategy, theory and practice.
Immediately following on from the 2013 Skoll World Forum the programme participants are uniquely positioned to explore and raise the profile of Impact Investing strategies and discover how they can gain the maximum socioeconomic return on their investments.
To learn more please visit our webpage and contact Steve Brewster (0)18 65 42 27 27

Impact Investing
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