SOCAP24: Going Deeper, Catalyzing Systems Change — Tracks and Curation Councils Released!

SOCAP is excited to announce a change of plans.

SOCAP Global October 31, 2012

Everything is better when done in collaboration. Thus, we at SoCap are excited to announce a collaboration with Village Capital and the NCIIA to create a memorable and inspiring weekend. We are pleased to announce that the SOCAP:Soul event (originally scheduled for November 10) is moving to March 9, the weekend of the graduation of Village Capital/VentureWell: Boston, in order to bridge the gap between the thriving Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem and the social capital markets.

“SOCAP is designed to engage the world critically in the relationship between money and meaning,” said SOCAP Producer Rosa Lee Harden. “We are partnering with Episcopal City Mission to expose Boston to new ways of thinking about about money and investments, and bringing the entrepreneurs from the Village Capital/VentureWell cohort will integrate theory and practice.””Because of this partnership, SOCAP will be able to reach investors, entrepreneurs and others in the Boston area who want to understand more deeply how to align their values with their professional lives, their investing, and other every day decisions.”
“Inspiring entrepreneurs and investors worldwide want to make the biggest positive impact in the world possible, regardless of how they label themselves,” said Ross Baird, Executive Director of Village Capital. “This unique partnership with SOCAP enables us to bring our entrepreneurs in contact with the best mentors, advisors, and investors possible–from a range of different contexts.”
“I’ve attended SOCAP and know Ross Baird and Village Capital’s work. We seek to introduce people in the Boston area to a new way of thinking and acting about money. That’s why we partnered with SOCAP and could not be more excited about this synergy with Village Capital/VentureWell to drive further conversations and impact, ” said Ruy Costas, of Episcopal City Mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.
“One of my goals operating a purpose-driven fund in the entrepreneurial hub of Boston is bringing together the “money” and “meaning” crowds,” said Joseph Steig, director of VentureWell. “They are seeking the same goal, even if they are speaking different languages–this partnership with SoCap will help us bring down barriers.”
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