Announcing the SOCAP24 Agenda — Going Deeper: Catalyzing Systems Change!

Wanted: The Most Unreasonable Entrepreneurs!

SOCAP Global October 10, 2012

Entrepreneurs tackling social and environmental problems: Accelerate your venture with 50 mentors, 100+ of angel investors, 25 major funds, and dozens of world-class peers all under one roof for six weeks. Apply by October 25th to the 2013 Unreasonable Institute:
Why Entrepreneurs Should Care
Why should this matter to startup entrepreneurs around the globe? Teams representing the 10-20
chosen companies live together in under one roof, where they have the chance to:
• Learn from and live with 50 mentors like Paul Polak, who has enabled over 20 million farmers to
move out of poverty; Hunter Lovins, a Time Magazine Hero of the Planet; and Tom Chi, head of
User Experience at Google X.
• Live with portfolio managers from at least 25 major impact investment funds like Khosla
Ventures, Calvert Fund, and Acumen Fund,
• Build relationships with over 100 prospective angel investors,
• Pitch to well over 1,000 prospective supporters, and
• Join a global network of 70 early-stage entrepreneurs, 100+ mentors, and the Unreasonable
Institute’s 140 partner organizations, including HP, Teach For America, and TED Fellows.
check it out!
Applicants will have until October 25th to submit their written applications. To learn more about the
Unreasonable Institute as well as to submit an application, visit http://unreaso
Reasonable entrepreneurs need not apply.

Impact Investing / Social Entrepreneurship / Sustainable Development
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