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Philanthropy Group Launches Index of High-Impact Nonprofits

SOCAP Global December 7, 2012

As a valued colleague, we want to let you know about a newly launched giving platform by the Social Impact Exchange – the S&I 100
The Social Impact 100 (S&I 100) is the first-ever broad index of U.S. nonprofits that have evidence of results and the potential to grow. The Index helps these nonprofits find the capital they need to reach more people, and empowers donors to make a bigger difference.
Covering 100 high-impact nonprofits and nearly 16,000 local affiliates that are implementing their solutions, the Index features nonprofits that address the country’s most pressing issues in education, health, youth and poverty. The 100 nonprofits have been rigorously screened for proof of impact through third party verified studies, and are only included in the Index if they have the ability to serve more people in need.
When donors use the S&I100, they can search for high performing nonprofits in the issue areas and locations they care about and give directly to the organizations in a few quick and easy steps, making it easier for nonprofits to raise funds to grow their work.
See for yourself and then share the good news with others who are looking to give with impact. >>>Learn More

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