Announcing the SOCAP24 Agenda — Going Deeper: Catalyzing Systems Change!

Next Talk Purpose: April 4th on Transformational Experiences

SOCAP Global March 22, 2013

What: ‘Talk Purpose’ Google+ Hangout
When: April 4th, 1pm EST
Who: Featured guests for this conversation include: MARK BEAM, DEBORAH CULLINAN, BEAR KITTAY, RUBEN ALVARADO
This month’s conversation topic is around creating transformational experiences that invite people into new ways of perceiving the world. Humans are diverse and complex and thus activating social change isn’t a linear, straight path. Often successful social enterprises are attempting to inspire a shift of perspective for their employees, customers, communities and stakeholders. What is the role of art and engagement in inviting people to think differently and see the world differently?

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