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Slow Money's 4th National Gathering in Beautiful Boulder, CO. April 29-30, 2013

SOCAP Global March 18, 2013

“The gathering was life changing. Welcome to a revolution!”
—Paul Tryba, THE FARM, Long Beach, CA

Looking for a new kind of social investing for the 21st century? If so, plan to joinSlow Money’s emerging network of thought leaders, investors, donors, farmers, social entrepreneurs and everyday folks for their 4th National Gathering this April in Boulder, CO. Two days of conversations, network building and action planning in a food-loving town. What could be better?
The list of speakers is phenomenal: the international founder of Slow Food Carlo PetriniWes Jackson, founder of The Land Institute, which for 30 years has conducted cutting-edge research on sustainable agriculture; Author Joan Gussow, who Michael Pollan has referred to as “my guru”; and many more.
There will also be investment presentations from two dozen small food enterprises and break out sessions on topics ranging from New Visions of Corporate Philanthropy to Exploring Seeds and Biodiversity to Impact Investing, plus the opportunity to collaborate with folks from around the country who are finding new ways to connect money, culture and the soil—including members of the 16 chapters channeling millions of dollars into local small food enterprises.
The Slow Money National Gathering brings together people who are rebuilding local food systems across the U.S. and around the world. More than 2,000 people attended the first three national gatherings—with over $22 million now invested in more than 185 small food enteprises!
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