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Stand Behind Inder Comar Against the Iraq War

SOCAP April 15, 2013


Hub member Inder Comar of Comar Law is making a case against the Bush Administration for the Iraq War. Today, Inder is ready to match your donation, up to a total maximum of $10,000, if we donate in the next 48 hours. That means we can raise a total of $20,000 in the next two days through the Indiegogo campaign.

The first few days are absolutely critical in giving a campaign credibility. If we can raise this money now, we’ll have 43 days to raise the remaining $29,000. With this momentum, we can reach out to the press, look credible, and hit the moon.

More importantly, it will allow us to have a trial about the Iraq War.

  • A trial lays a factual record.
  • A trial furthers accountability.
  • Requesting a trial is a fundamental right of the People.
  • A trial will uncover the truth.
  • A trial will promote both justice and right.
Please help us spread the word and share this with your networks. As an added bonus, raising this money now alleviates the need for frantic emails later in the campaign.

Inder is willing to match your donations, because he believes in his Iraqi clients–and because he believes a trial is possible.

Let the Bush Administration and American people know you believe in this cause too, and donate now to scale our impact.
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