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Announcing the winners of SOCAP Open

SOCAP July 25, 2013

After much deliberation (trust me when I say this was not an easy task) we are pleased to announce the winners of SOCAP Open! We are bringing 20 + fantastic sessions from Open to Fort Mason this year. This means approximately 1/4 of the programming at SOCAP will be 100% user-generated. We knew we had a fantastic community, and the overwhelming high-quality of the submissions and engagement just proved this ten fold.
The winners were selected from a combination of open public voting (30%), SOCAP program team votes (40%), and an advisory team (30%).
We want to give a special THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to review submissions and tell us what you want to see at SOCAP, but especially our SOCAP Open advisory team: Lisa Richter of GPS Capital, Nick & Jen of the wonderful and invaluable Triple Pundit, and the Hub’s event and programming queen, Kari Gray. They used their unique position in the field to help us narrow down 120+ submissions, giving every submission the attention it deserved.
In the end, we’re bringing 20 sessions as part of the Open track. Additionally, Health, Oceans, Faith, and Meaning all reached out to pull sessions from Open directly into their tracks bringing the total contribution of SOCAP Open to 26 sessions. This just proved the value of opening up and finding unexpected gems that our experienced programming team couldn’t imagine NOT being at SOCAP. This was one of our favorite surprises of this first, formal experiment in participatory conference planning.
Check out the top 20 over at SOCAP Open. And if you participated in SOCAP Open, either through submitting, commenting, or voting, please accept a hearty thanks from the whole SOCAP team! It’s really an honor to convene this diverse group every year here in San Francisco, and it was really special opening up and planning the convening with your help.

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