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Tell us YOUR fact!

SOCAP Global August 22, 2013

We all have our reasons for accelerating the good economy, and we want to know yours!
Now through September 5th, we’re running a contest to see what our community finds to be  the most compelling facts behind accelerating the good economy. Submit your fact and vote for your favorites daily! The winner will receive 2 Free SOCAP14 Tickets!
How to enter:
1) Answer the question: What’s a striking fact that compels you to accelerate the good economy?
2) Provide a compelling picture to go along with your fact
3) Share your fact & encourage friends to vote!
For example, did you know:
“According to the World Bank, we throw out over 1.3 Billion Tons of Trash each year — The Same Weight as about seven million Boeing 747 airplanes.”
– Gene Homicki, Co-Founder of MyTurn

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