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Announcing ImpactSpace: Open Data and Resources to Power Impact Investing

David Bank September 4, 2013

The impact data is flowing. Today’s launch of ImpactSpace, the open impact database, enables players in the global impact investing marketplace to navigate nearly  2,300 impact companies and more than 1,300 financing events.
ImpactSpace begins to meet the impact community’s oft-cited need for a real picture of the companies, investors and actual transactions — the deals getting done — that are intended to generate social and environmental benefits as well as financial returns.
The mission of ImpactSpace is to accelerate impact investing by making information about the impact market available to everyone and maintainable by anyone. Think of ImpactSpace as CrunchBase — the go-to resource for technology entrepreneurs and investors — for impact.
“This kind of transparency in market information is key to moving the impact investing field forward,” said John Goldstein, managing director of Imprint Capital. “We shouldn’t be struggling to understand the market, we should be struggling to move the market forward with smart decisions that drive impact.”
The new site also includes deep resources for both newcomers and experienced impact practitioners. ImpactSpace resources include directories, best practices, research, and support organizations. The resources have been specifically curated for startup and growth companies, individual and institutional investors, and financial advisors and wealth managers.
ImpactSpace is a project of Impact IQ Inc. (which also runs, which provides original reporting and analysis for impact investors and entrepreneurs).  Key sponsorship supports comes from Liquidnet, the global institutional trading network, through its active corporate impact program called Liquidnet For Good. Other partners include Equilibrium Capital, Imprint Capital and the SOCAP social investing conference now underway in San Francisco, where the new site was launched.
“It’s really important to capture as much real-time data as possible about deals that are really happening,” said Penelope Douglas, chair of Mission Hub LLC and SOCAP. “ImpactSpace is the place to track seed funding events of early-stage companies that are making the world more sustainable and inclusive.”
Are you creating impact? If so, you and your organization should be on ImpactSpace. Sign up today to create and edit profiles of impact companies, impact investors — and yourself.

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