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SOCAP13 Session Recap: Special Session for Faith Leaders

SOCAP Global September 5, 2013
Tim Soerens - Meaning track

Tuesday’s Special Session for Faith Leaders invited leaders across spiritual disciplines to discuss their hopes for SOCAP13. Jarrod Shappell facilitated the session, opening by asking leaders to think about how they felt the world ought to be, as faith leaders, and as members of faith communities.
Executive Producer Rosa Lee Harden asked leaders how we can see SOCAP13 and its notion of “accelerating the good economy” through a faith lens. She asked: how can we invest and at the same time do good in the world? What is the role of the church in this relationship?
Here’s some food for thought from this session:

  1. One faith leader discussed the idea that faith and enterprise are intertwined at every level. How then, can all of us, as faith leaders, individuals, entrepreneurs use our market systems as tools to support and further work to support the community?
  2. Faith leaders addressed the feeling of displacement as leaders interested in spiritually motivated work and entrepreneurship, who understand and believe in the need for financial sustainability. They expressed the great comfort of encountering SOCAP as a space for incubation of ministry ideas, where these two belief systems are able to coalesce and create a much-desired dialogue
  3. One leader asked: why is the church at the back of the train and not the front of the train? How does what we believe in impact what we do and why don’t we talk about this intersection?

A quote read by Dr. Diane J. Johnson, a faith leader in attendance:
“I arise in the morning torn between the desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy it. This makes it very hard to plan the day.” –E.B.White
Special Blog Post by SOCAP13 Volunteer Ana Santos

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