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SOCAP13 Session Recap: The Changing Landscape of Health – What It Means for Investors and Entrepreneurs

SOCAP Global September 4, 2013
The Changing Landscape of Health What it Means for Investors & Entrepreneurs

This session showcased health as the vital vitamin to sustainable community development and the Good Economy. Health is related to better economy, better jobs and all our plans for a better economy are irrelevant if health is not addressed.
Food for Thought from This Session:

  1. Health is about opportunity, hope and control over your life. Once you lose that hope and control over your life, you are more likely to smoke, have unprotected sex and so on.
  2. The poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world are now shifting from traditional health needs such as AIDS or malaria to cancer, diabetes, etc. This shift in needs will create a higher tax on these poor communities calling on new partnerships between investors and entrepreneurs.
  3. Zip code is the highest determinant of access to affordable and quality healthcare. Right now it is more true that where you are born whether in Palo Alto or Lagos will determine an individuals life expectancy. What will we do to change this?

Special SOCAP13 Volunteer post from Nkatya Kabwe

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