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SOCAP13 Video: The HUB and Impact HUB with Tim Freundlich and Timothy J Nichols

SOCAP Global September 5, 2013

Tim Freundlich and Timothy J Nichols talk about the HUB and Impact HUB on the first day of SOCAP13.
Tim Freundlich is an innovator of financial instruments for impact. Over the last fifteen years, he served in a number of capacities at Calvert Social Investment Foundation, and conceived of and launched the Giving Fund, a roughly $100 million impact investment-based donor advised fund that has been spun out to a new organization, ImpactAssets, for which he serves as President. He was instrumental in building the $200+ million Calvert Community Investment Note sourced from 12,000 investors large and small (with more than $750 million invested into 300+ nonprofits and for profits globally).

Timothy J Nichols, Managing Director, HUB Bay Area, Tim has been working on the infrastructure for supporting social innovation. In 2009, he led a team that built and implemented a local currency model in Brixton, a neighborhood of London called the Brixton Pound. In the Bay Area, he has led the development of the community of social entrepreneurs, investors, artists, and freelancers in two HUBs in San Francisco and Berkeley. He is passionate about finding ways to enable entrepreneurs at all stages. He loves a challenge on the ping-pong table and of everyone who reads this, he likes you the best.

The HUB and Impact HUB

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