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Can I SHARE something with you?

Kevin Jones March 31, 2014

SOCAP works hard to produce conferences at the cutting edge to help you know where the good economy is going.
We are thrilled to announce that SOCAP, in cooperation with Peers, is producing a new event that will help you engage the sharing movement. The sharing economy is breaking news and has turned into a market phenomenon that will help impact investors and social entrepreneurs go mainstream.
This event, SHARE, is being held May 13 to 14 in San Francisco.

SHARE will bring together top industry and tech analysts, like Jeremiah Owyang (Crowd Companies), Lisa Gansky, (author of The Mesh), and April Rinne (Collaborative Lab), the expert on the new rules and laws needed to make the sharing economy work. Natalie Foster, who leads the 250,000-member Peers organization, is co-convening this event with SOCAP.
If you want to understand the investment opportunity, the risks and the way the sharing economy makes things easier for impact investors, you need to be at SHARE.
Kevin Jones
Co-founder & Convener
Social Capital Markets (SOCAP)

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