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SOCAP Open: Submit and vote up ideas now!

SOCAP Global April 24, 2014

By: Mia Lauter

This past week SOCAP Open launched to collect session ideas for SOCAP14. We already have 18 strong session ideas waiting to be viewed and voted up by our community to determine which will be presented this fall at Fort Mason Center. We recognize how important the community is in imparting knowledge in the social economy and the diversity of efforts within the community. SOCAP Open allows everyone from entrepreneurs to investors to curious newcomers to shape program content. Explore current submissions and vote up a session 1x per day until voting ends on June 8th. Here’s a look at the ideas from the first week SOCAP Open has been open!


As the impact investing community has grown and continues to attract new contributors we are seeing several sessions on learning from what’s been happening and how to keep it growing. And, with doors opening to new investors Impact Investing for All: Creating Opportunities for Retail Investors explores the world for both accredited and non-accredited investors. With so many different investors and methods Place Based Impact Investing for Fiduciaries: the example of the San Francisco Bay Area outlines what it takes to bring together liked-minded investors to make the most impact on the common mission. And, for those who want to learn what it’s like after the investment Investing for Impact: Steak & Sizzle presents where seasoned investors are with their portfolio.



Several sessions propose the effects of environmental impact on the social economy. Divest-Invest: Philanthropy: innovative finance mechanisms for developing a new energy economy looks at what clean trillion will take. And as a conscious community are we doing what we can now when we consider Paper or Plastic? Debunking an Environmental Myth. And, how about considering Radical Real Estate Development to fully incorporate green social building? And if we’re not building new, see what we are using that already exists to provide what we need by Building the First Modern Waste-toEnergy Facility in Africa (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). And, a deeper look into the developing the economy around green The BioEnergy Revolution looks into how to expand. With expansion also comes the exploration of energy access for 1.4 billon people and how to provide Clean Energy Services for All and Scaling Finance for Energy Access.


Inevitably ideas are followed by raising money from donors or investors. How do you set yourself apart? Find new ideas, strengthen tried-and-true methods, or find new technology.


Innovation strikes to revolutionize what exists but it also happens by finding a solution within an existing situation. Check out these new ideas like Predicting Risk in Emerging Markets at the Touch of a Phone by analyzing mobile phone data or how the food chain is creating a place-based innovation in Food Hubs: Building 21st Century Food Systems.


Once social enterprises pass the point of inception then comes the time to break out of growth barriers. See how existing organizations can benefit from leadership development in Weaving Impact: How Strong Internal Leaders Create the Fabric of Social Enterprise and consideration for Startups – when is the right time to apply to become B Corp Certified.

We are starting off with a great collection of ideas, keep submitting what you want to see by May 25th and voting up ideas as we close out week 1!


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