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"Igniting Vibrant Communities" at SOCAP14

SOCAP Global May 29, 2014

A hive of excitement is generating as we prepare for SOCAP14, our 7th annual conference in San Francisco on September 2-5.
As content director, I have been honored to see the SOCAP conference grow into a community that includes:

  • change agents in communities and global leaders;
  • institutional investment officers, philanthropic program officers, financial advisors, students, researchers and community development enterprises;
  • entrepreneurs from Ghana to India, Brazil to Japan, and South Africa to Canada with world-changing visions that cut across sectors and geographies

The theme for SOCAP14 is “Igniting Vibrant Communities.” This was inspired by SOCAP13 speaker Steve Wright who challenged us all to look for vibrant communities as evidence of successful impact. The message resonated with our team and became the foundation for what we hope to see at this year and beyond.
SOCAP has been a way for many to get a taste of the possibilities at the intersection of money and meaning, attracting many newcomers as well as household names who come back for renewal and inspiration.
At SOCAP14, we’re working to bring together the practice of hospitality we practice as part of our work at four US Impact Hubs, making this SOCAP even more energizing.
To make this work on a scale that supports 2,000+ people, the SOCAP team is busy organizing content and on- and off-line tools for interaction and connection within and across communities.
We hope these interactions and intersections will be the sparks to ignite new vibrant communities and enrich existing ones, and that you will join us.

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