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SOCAP Health: Creating the market that values health

Lindsay Smalling May 30, 2014

SOCAP Health is the first conference of its type, bringing together banking and finance, social enterprise and impact investing, health and medical care, and community development. You don’t want to miss it!
Together with The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, The New York Academy of Medicine and the Build Healthy Places Network, SOCAP Health will convene an in-depth conversation about what creates health in our society, and where entrepreneurial and funding/investing opportunities exist.
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Each year $2.7 trillion is spent on medical care in the US, and the recent changes in healthcare require a fresh look at innovative ways to leverage that capital. A systems approach to the social determinants of health opens up entrepreneurial opportunities and new investment frameworks that can drastically reduce healthcare costs and improve lives.
This landmark event will take a cross-sector view into what creates health in our society, and where new market opportunities exist. The conversations will explore frameworks and look holistically at health systems, social systems and solutions that generate well-being in communities. See how incentives can be better aligned to drive outcomes through case studies of organizations that are leading the field and creating the outcomes we seek. Position yourself in the ecosystem as we create the market that values health. Learn more and register!

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