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TEASER: SHARE opening speech

SOCAP Global May 12, 2014

What makes SHARE different from other sharing economy gatherings? Our co-founder Kevin Jones has the answer.
Here’s a sneak preview of his opening speech:

“Why is SOCAP partnering with peers and focusing on the sharing economy? We impact investors and social entrepreneurs from the social capital markets community share the same values as the people in the sharing economy, though we are strangers to each other, for the most part. We are attracted to the sharing economy’s values. We are in favor of people not being locked into consumerism, not feeling they have to buy the new thing, but they can share the used thing.
That is a good thing for people and for the planet.
We may have enough if we share it. People who have decided to act like that, to share resources rather than consume new resources, will I think, find that they are natural allies with Impact investors, investors who want to make money by investing in for profit companies that make money and do good.”

Want more? Join us tomorrow at 9:00 am PT for SHARE or follow us on Livestream!

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