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Health: The Untapped Market

Kevin Jones June 6, 2014

The U.S. spends $2.7 trillion each year on health care—yet we are raising a generation of children who may live shorter and sicker lives than their parents.At SOCAP Health, we are unveiling a new market; one that values health. It’s lower cost, it includes everybody and it is investable at attractive returns. It’s a unique opportunity for those investors who can see a new, holistic opportunity where others only see an old system in decay.
We are not doing it alone; we are leveraging the expertise of leaders in finance, health systems, community development, policy and impact investing. Using a holistic approach that links housing, jobs, schools, exercise, and transportation, coupled with the latest mobile technology, devices and big data, we are outlining a fresh approach that will unveil investable opportunities for impact investors.
SOCAP Health has a two-day agenda featuring leaders in finance, policy, health systems, community development, philanthropy and impact investing as well as cutting edge entrepreneurs who are making it happen. Join SOCAP, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, The New York Academy of Medicine and the Build Healthy Places Network for the largest-ever convening exploring the untapped market for improving health:
Learn how health systems, social systems and innovative solutions are improving health in low-income communities
Meet entrepreneurs and policymakers working at the intersection of finance and health
Hear from organizations whose investments are generating economic gains and improvements in health and well-being
Join us as we work together to create a new market that values health—beyond health care—on June 25+26 in New York.
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