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Renewable Alternative Energy Solutions

SOCAP Global September 10, 2014

By: Josphat W.Kariuki, Equater Fuelwood Energy Saving

Equater Fuel Wood Energy Saving is a renewable energy service provider which was started in January 1998. EFWES enterprise is unique in its kind in this region (Mt. Kenya) covering 8 devolved Counties in Kenya, providing reliable products and sound services based on the philosophy of professional integrity, innovative and advocacy for sustainable use of natural resources. The services are offered through efficient, acceptable, adaptable and business oriented approaches. The enterprise targets the rural poor who are negatively impacted by natural resources degradation through promotion of appropriate and sustainable technologies in the rural areas and in the informal settlement. EFWES is an enterprise with a wealth of experience in renewable energy solutions: Development and research of biogas technologies, Efficient clean cook stoves for institutions and Households, Solar lighting & water heating systems. EFWES also consults and trains on energy technologies to the community and other stakeholders. EFWES currently has a medium size production workshop where all our clean cook stoves are produced and fabricated but want to upscale this production unit to meet the growing demand of stoves. EFWES seriously wants to invest in packaging and bottling biogas upon getting funds. However, EFWES also welcomes any potential client/s who is ready to invest in biogas packaging and bottling into cylinders for commercial purpose as the demand for biogas is very high. EFWES intends to incorporate the community in this project whereas the community will be supplying EFWES with cow dung(for a fee) as a source of income or get cooking gas in exchange of the dung brought in to the plant. We have all what it takes to train, consult and build on the same. If a client have more than 100 cows, and ready to invest, contact us for more details.

Social Entrepreneurship
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