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Why we started the Neighborhood Economics Conference

Kevin Jones November 5, 2014

SOCAP Co-Founder Kevin Jones

SOCAP Co-Founder Kevin Jones

Since the very beginning, SOCAP has pioneered new ventures, investment tools, and ultimately relationships at the intersection of money and meaning. We know that if we don’t change the narrative of our economy we are all in trouble. It’s been quite a journey so far, in many ways we are just getting started, and through the process we are learning a lot.
One of the major movements we are seeing and becoming part of is a return to the local economy. I experienced this firsthand a few years back when I moved to Asheville, North Carolina from San Francisco to be near my grandsons. Looking at local economies, I’m amazed at all the incredible new platforms, businesses, investment tools, and fresh thinking that are popping up all over the place.
This is a huge reason why we’re hosting the Neighborhood Economics Conference, November 12 to 13 in Louisville, Kentucky. This event will give us a chance not only to ask the big “why” questions of the economy, but we’ll be able to pull together dozens of leaders and organizations who are innovating at the neighborhood and city level and sharing their ideas.
I think the movement toward place-based innovation and a network of resilient towns and small cities in an economy that is ultimately rooted in relationships of trust is a movement we must learn from and humbly participate in.
The Neighborhood Economics Conference is an incredible opportunity to join in with what’s already happening, while also signaling that this is a crucial path for SOCAP to follow.
We want the SOCAP community, you all who have been leading this movement, to take a deeper look at local economic renewal with us. Join us November 12 to 13 in Louisville, Kentucky and receive a special discount off your registration with the code: SOCAPLOCAL.
I hope to see you in Louisville.

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